• CockSox Mens Strings Sheer SlingShot Snug Mens Pouch String Homme Black CX14SH 3


    For those who like to Tease to Please, the luxuriously sexy Cocksox sheer underwear range is back! And to take the sex appeal up a notch, we've added the brand new CX14SH Slingshot.

    Featuring ultra-smooth Italian sheer fabric, the light and sensuous silky feel will leave you cool and fresh, while the stylish striped design leaves just enough to the imagination - building the tease to a red-hot crescendo!

    Take the unique pouch from Cocksox underwear, hang it on a length of skimpy bin thing at all!

    • Slender, plunging waist line for maximum hotness! 
    • Flattering, unlined cut for extreme comfort & enhancement 
    • No one will know you're wearing it, until you want them to! 
    • Just F***ing sexy
    • 85% VI 10% PA 5% EA
    • Custom fabric made in Italy
    • Breathable and fast drying
    • Ultra light and sensual silky feel

    Please take notice: Mens underwear company is a retailer of new underwear We never sell the one used for the picture..