• Hom Business Two In One Package Mens Underwear 44475

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                                                       MADE IN FRANCE 

    Boxer in elastane cotton combining stripes and plain colours . Oeko-Tex certified fabric and waistband. Hem featuring an inner strech voile keeping the product in place without compressions of the leg. Very soft microfibre waistband .

    At HOM , They Specialize in men . IN MEN ONLY . All their products have been inspired by men's body shape. The whole aesthetics of each of our products come from the precision of the cut , the fine materials , the methiculos care for details which  make a difference .... to make every single man naturally stylish .


    The HOM Business is worked in a sober design and offers a search elegant details and refined according to the motto ' Less is more ' . Underwear for men like pajamas men wear ultra-comfortable to combine perfectly with the costume of the Manager ' dressed for success' . This collection evokes the discreet wedding sobriety and upscale elegance. It manifests a subtle luxury.